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    Daphne Rose – Awesome, disruptive company featuring trend forward jewelry & accessories...no funny business

    "We might be funny but we don't like funny business"

    After 10 years in the jewelry and accessories business, founder Daphne Rose Limmer had a vision to break away from the traditional jewelry business model, which is filled with obstacles between the consumer and the right product.  She and her team saw an opportunity to break down those barriers and deliver incredibly cool products directly to the customer, without crazy markups.  

    Drawing from her retail buying and wholesale experience at major companies in the industry, Daphne was finally ready to fulfill her overwhelming desire to start something new, different and totally awesome; this was the beginning of Daphne Rose.  Now Daphne Rose is the perfect way for us to share our proven eye for great and unique product.

    She is grateful for this opportunity and is the voice and face behind her namesake brand. Daphne Rose Limmer lives in New York City and travels frequently, drawing global inspiration from around the world for the brand and website.